About Clovyr

Clovyr makes it super easy for people and businesses of all technical skill levels to find and use software that treats them better than data-hungry SaaS apps. We also help open source projects (especially those with complex tech stacks) grow their community of contributors and get their apps into more people’s hands.

We care deeply about privacy-conscious design, re-decentralizing the web, and building systems that give people choice and control without sacrificing usability.

Clovyr is recently funded and growing quickly! ☘️

Learn more at clovyr.io and clovyr.app.

Interested in working with us, but don't see a position open that matches your skill set? 🧐

Please feel free to drop us your resume here and we'll keep it on file in case anything opens up. We're always on the lookout for interesting people with unique skills and experiences. (Note that while you are no doubt amazing, we are a small team and can't respond to everyone.)

Specific questions?

Reach out to chat with us via Twitter DM @GrowClovyr or email [careers at clovyr dot io].

We look forward to meeting you!